Rachel Bloom during her set at the Yellow Stage
Photo by Janelle Abad

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014: Rachel Bloom Interview

By Janelle Abad Assistant Music Director It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon in Austin. The West-Coast-like weather came just in time for the Ninth Annual Fun Fun Fun Fest. The cooler weather isn’t the only thing that’s refreshing. Musical comedian and co-writer of the television series “Robot Chicken,” Rachel Bloom rushes to the festival straight from the…

Street Fighter II game cover (Super Nintendo)

Controller Classics: ‘Street Fighter II’

By Adam M. Cook Web Editor Game: Street Fighter II Release Date: Feb. 6, 1991 Developers: Capcom Publishers: Capcom Platform(s): Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) “ROUND ONE! FIGHT!” These words were music to my ears. I could not be a martial arts master at the age of five (weird, right?), so I figured that playing the…

Inside The Newsroom Logo

Inside The Newsroom: Episode 1

By Emily Parma Assistant Web Content Manager This is the debut episode of Inside The Newsroom, where University Star Assistant News Editor Nicole Barrios, KTSW’s News Director Rey Leanos, University Star News Editor Kelsey Bradshaw and KTSW Assistant News Director Tara Pohlmeyer talk about the week in news.

PED Xing

Friday News Rundown (11-21-14)

By Emily Parma Assistant Web Content Manager More than 5 million people may possibly find relief after President Barack Obama gave his speech yesterday ordering executive action on immigration. Obama is pressuring the GOP to pass and cooperate with a broader immigration bill. Mostly parents and young undocumented citizens will be impacted by Obama’s decision,…

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2014: ASTR Interview

By Janelle Abad Assistant Music Director, Senior Production Assistant I’m Janelle Abad, here with ASTR (at this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest). Do you guys mind saying your names and your role in the band? Zoe Silverman: I’m Zoe (Silverman), and I’m a singer and a writer. Adam Pallin: Adam (Pallin). Producer and drummer. JA: Welcome to Fun…